Artificial Turf – How it Drains

We know that there’s not much rain to worry about in Yuma, Arizona. Our rain seasons are short, but heavy. But when it does rain, we have a lot to think about. Months of hot sunny weather dries out dirt, making floods a very real possibility during times of quick, heavy rain. So you want to know: Does artificial turf drain?

Artificial Turf Drains Surprisingly Well Compared to Grass

You might be surprised to hear this, but artificial turf drains extremely well, even better than regular grass. Artificial turf blades are made to let water pass through it, directly to the soil and sub-base underneath. It drains at a rate quick enough to prevent flooding during heavy rains, provided your sub-base is expertly installed. (More on that later).

If you’re using pesticides on your natural grass, then all of those chemicals are running off and being absorbed into your yards. Not exactly what you want for your kids and pets, right? But since artificial grass doesn’t absorb these chemicals, water runs off clean and keeps your yard non-toxic.

Have Your Sub-Base Professionally Installed


Your artificial grass blades are designed to drain very well, due to the porous material of the blades in your product. However, a poor installation can still give you problems. That water drains off the grass nice, but it needs a proper sub-base underneath to absorb all that water.

If your natural base layer already drains well, then you’re in good shape. If not, then you need to have this planned for and taken into account when your installation team gets ready to prepare your hard.

Lots of soil around here is clay based, and you’ve seen from experience how hard it is to drain. It’s hard surface dries out easily in the sun and has minimal drainage, causing flooding issues during the monsoon season.

One way we can get around this is with a sub-base of granite or crushed stone, which allows for good drainage.

When you hire the professionals at Yuma Artificial Grass & Turf, we’ll make sure to check your base and sub-base layers to ensure we’re installing something that can handle the toughest monsoon season.

Nothing is Foolproof

To truly prevent flooding, you would need great city and neighborhood design, in addition to good base and sub-base layers. We can’t guarantee that you won’t have any flooding issues, but here at Yuma Artificial Grass & Turf, we will take special care to make sure your risks and totally minimized.

Call us today to learn more about our turfs. We’re ready to design you the yard you’ve been dreaming of.

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