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It’s not always easy for our little pets in this desert heat. Give them a space they deserve to exercise and feel comfortable in. Your pets love you unconditionally. Show them how much you love them by spoiling them with our professionally installed artificial turf dog and pet runs.

Dog runs take a bit of planning, and we’re here to help! We’ll help find a great spot in your yard for a dog run. We want to make sure the run gets adequate shade during parts of the day, and allows your pet enough space to play.

 We know that runs need to be at least double the width of your dog, and about six times its length. We’ll help you design the right location and place for the perfect dog run.

dog run installation in yuma

We know how much kids and dogs love to play, and we know what it can do to our lawns. Bare spots, dead grass, holes…all of that will be gone when you choose us to replace your turf! Our artificial grass dog runs installed in Yuma are durable enough that dogs can’t chew or dig through it.

And cleanup is a snap. Simply pick up after your pet and hose down the area to wash away any remaining waste. Your turf will keep your pets happy for years to come. You’re in great hands when you allow us to install your artificial grass in Yuma.

Here’s why people all over Yuma choose us to install their dog run:

  • Maintenance is a breeze! Simple pickup and washing will keep your artificial grass dog run clean and pristine
  • Our synthetic grass is 100% safe for pets and children
  • Keep your dog healthy and happy with a dedicated exercise space just for them!
  • By combining the right infill and picking a location with adequate shading, you’ll ensure your puppy stays cool in their new pet run.
  • Using the right turf will help prevent chewing or digging.

You might be confused about all the different options for synthetic grass and infill. It’s really important to choose the right one, especially for those puppy paws. When you call Yuma Artificial Grass & Turf, we’ll give you the very best advice on what to choose to keep your turf clean, smelling great, and safe for your pets and kids!

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