Putting Greens

Golf and Putting green Installation in Yuma, AZ

Stay home and keep your short game sharp with our beautiful synthetic turf putting greens. We provide professional putting green installations in Yuma, with a natural grass feel.

Whether you’ve been playing for 20 years or two, you know that you can never get enough work on your putting. 

Maybe you need to work on keeping your face square, or your putter path straight. On our turf, you can conveniently drill away in between commercial breaks, or early in those warm summer mornings in Yuma.

You don’t always have the luxury of slipping out to the practice greens for a few hours. With our installed artificial grass putting greens, you can bring the whole experience home. Imagine how much time you can free up, while leveling up your putting game.

And now you can call us for a free consultation and quote on your dream backyard putting green!

Like all of our synthetic turf and lawn installations, our putting greens are incredibly easy to maintain and clean, leaving you with a practice green that will sharpen your game for years to come.

Our high quality synthetic grass looks and feels so good, you’ll think you’re on the course.

Make your vision a reality and you’ll enjoy…

  • A putting green that’s easy to clean and maintain
  • A free consultation to find out how we can make your dream backyard, while fitting into your budget
  • A turf that’s safe for kids and pets
  • An installation that’s timely and professional
  • A green that’s as large (or as small) as you need it to be
All this and more when you choose to have your artificial grass in Yuma installed by us. Contact us now and our professionals will get back to you in no time.

Ready to level up your game?

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